Preferred Closets...And More


Business partners 

with over 30 years experience

Helping to make your business stylish and efficient is our business.

Our services for office space are as varied as the businesses themselves. Your space will be completely designed with you and your clients needs in mind.  From a small and welcoming entry reception area to a grand lobby, offices, procedure rooms or kitchen areas, we can accommodate your needs.
We have the ability to coordinate from flooring to lighting and everything in between. We are fortunate to bring with us business partners with over 30 years experience. For all business projects, we will provide you with CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings.

Don't worry if you think your space is too small, seeing how these areas transform into functional space have been some of our favorites!

Call us today!  727-864-0212  or  727-743-6357 

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